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ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT for fleet


The engine is a ‘black box’
How can you easily get performance insights from every engine?


With Tekomar XPERT for fleet, you gain instant insights into your engine health, optimization and saving potential across your fleets.


Performance erosion
How can you maintain optimal engine performance across the entire fleet?


Gain fleet-level insights with Tekomar XPERT for fleet; through vessel-to-vessel benchmarking as well as long term performance trends and evolution of all KPIs


Complexity management
How can you handle data from mixed environments?


Tekomar XPERT systematically collects data in multiple forms. Data collected is then stored and evaluated on a single platform.

ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT for fleet offers insight from a new perspective.

Overview of your fleet’s engine performance and condition, regardless of engine make, size or type.

Engine Level

Engine health

Deeper insights into your engine condition. Evaluation based on deviations of current performance compared to shop test reference.

Engine Level

Onboard analysis and advisory of engine performance

Tekomar XPERT simplifies and standarize analysing tasks – Ship crew can save up to 3 hours analysis time per engine.

Engine Level

Instant corrective recommendations

Empowers crew to optimize performance without the guess work.

Engine Level

In-depth analysis of engine performance

Instant diagnostics with effective drill-down features resulting in highly actionable advice regardless of engine type or age.

Fleet Level

Optimization potential

Quantify deviation in your fleet’s performance as well as benchmark the performance from low to high.

Fleet Level

Long term trending

Compare historical optimization potential of your fleet. Go back in time to compare fleet performance to see trends and evolution of all KPIs.

Fleet Level

Multiple access

Engine performance diagnostics for all levels in shipping companies. Easliy accessible from all devices.

Business Level

Giving meaning to data

Tekomar XPERT provides vital insights on improving engine health and efficiency, reducing OPEX, and achieving a competitive advantage.

Business Level

Investment that makes sense

Tekomar XPERT features a flexible subscription-based licensing model, with no upfront investment required. Typical Pay Back Period per vessel in less than a week.

Business Level

Emission reduction

Reducing fuel consumption results in lower emissions.

Business Level

Proven solution

Installed in more than 6000 engines, 1500 vessels.

See Tekomar XPERT in action

An overview of the key features of Tekomar XPERT for fleet, enabling fleet managers and operators to make the most of their fleet’s performance.

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